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When looking into stock ideas and tips, most people use stock screeners. This is because the screeners available provide a large variety of information that is helpful to you and the screeners also give the platform that efficiently allows you to identify potential winners. Finviz is a stock screener known widely as a technical analysis platform for traders and investors. Its main aim is to offer users in this case traders, a reliable financial analysis, visualization, and essential research. Traders on this platform make decisions quickly and are in a better position to assimilate large amounts of data at a go.

Finviz is a free platform but also offer premium service to paying users. Its users have access to features like screening, charts, and quotes. Finviz offers a detailed view of the stock market in one platform. Its home page contains the global market numbers displayed by the use of charts. Other information displayed as a user scrolls down is the insider trading, earnings release information, stocks, and other major news stories. this makes Finviz a superior platform.

Finviz is also available to any potential user at no cost whatsoever. As a starter in something, it never makes sense to right away start paying for tools and subscriptions on a monthly basis. This, however, is not the case as its free version comes equipped with all that you need. Anyone can access Finviz at no cost although it has three types of membership plans that are; free, registered free, and elite. This screener is user-friendly. Its functionality is exquisite as it has a very powerful user interface. This is evident in the fact that you can click on any stock ticker that displays on your computer or phone screen and it immediately displays a stock chart pop up. This is fascinatingly awesome.

As expected, Finviz offers its users an incredible depth of technical and fundamental information on stocks. It gives great insider trading feeds and the search results display in a very quick and stable manner. Its stock news is sourced from very reputable sources that exclusively deal with such trading news. Finviz’s backtesting is also remarkable. This is a process where a user tests a learned trading strategy on past data in a bid to confirm the success rate of the learned strategy. Its users have the access to delayed charts and quotes at no price at all. Depending on your preference, you can customize the charts to your preferred settings. For premium users, however, they have access to real-time data, charts, and backtesting.

Despite displaying an overwhelming amount of information on a single screen, and having very annoying advertisements, Finviz is a good deal. It gives you as the user the value of your money. The options for accessing either the free plan or a free registered plan makes it a significantly important platform for new traders who are still skeptical. For high-quality stock screening tools with unbeaten prizes, Finviz is the best platform for you to try out in your first step to the trading world.

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